Ineffective compliance is a huge business risk

Why is compliance so important to financial services organisations? Because if you can’t demonstrate effective compliance, you run the risk that:

  • directors and officers will not be confident that they have met their duties and will be concerned about their potential liability
  • regulators may require you to operate under restrictions, or even revoke your licence to operate; at the very least, your reputation will be damaged by regulatory action
  • you may not have met your obligations to your clients, leaving in doubt the enforceability of transactions and diverting management time to resolving complaints
  • you may not enjoy continuing support from your shareholders and wider community.

Despite these imperatives, many businesses struggle to implement a compliance system that stands up to scrutiny from their stakeholders.

You don’t want unmanaged risk, you want certainty

Certainty means being able to make decisions quickly and easily; it means taking your business where you want it to go; above all, it means having confidence. So how do you get certainty?

John Stuart Mill once said “There is no such thing as absolute certainty, but there is assurance sufficient for the purposes of human life.” At Certainty Compliance we realise that no one can give you absolute certainty—what we can give you is the assurance that when the regulators come knocking you can demonstrate effective compliance, quickly and easily.

Your directors and officers will have meaningful reports; your people will meet competency standards and client requirements will be implemented. You can get on with managing your business, confident that there are no unmanaged regulatory risks.