Certainty Compliance specialise in making compliance part of your business.

Why does compliance seem so difficult?

An effective compliance system consists of structural, operational and maintenance elements. Most companies fail to have all three elements in place and implemented.

Why? Lack of time and resources, lack of expertise, lack of communication tools, lack of change management processes and above all, the failure to embed compliance processes into business-as-usual operations. The result is that when the regulators and other stakeholders ask for evidence of compliance, many companies find that they have built an empty palace: the structure may be there, but no one is living in it.

Clearly, creating a compliance culture is more difficult than it appears, so how do you make it happen?

Making compliance easy

We believe that one of the main reasons companies fail to manage compliance risk is because compliance is seen as an additional process, rather than part of everyday business. These companies buy an ‘off-the-rack’ compliance methodology and try to cram their business into it. When they find it is an uncomfortable fit, they put it aside and forget about it until a problem occurs or a regulator forcibly reminds them.

We understand that every company is different, so we have the opposite approach: we analyse your needs and design the compliance system that suits your business. Instead of forcing you to change the way you work, we find ways to make compliance happen automatically within your business.

How do we do this?

We approach compliance as a vital part of the way your business operates, every day. We work closely with people across your organisation to implement all the elements of a compliance system, in a practical way that gets results without adding unnecessary layers of complexity.

Our aim is to make compliance so much a part of your business that you don’t need to think about it separately. You won’t have an un-managed business risk, because you’ll have certainty.